Just For Fun & Scribbledoodles

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3982 24th St.
San Francisco, Ca 94114

Just for Fun & Scribbledoodles is a great “drop-in” place. By which we mean you “drop in” with the kiddies to do a bit of browsing, and the next thing you know you’ve spent 40 minutes caught up in the shop’s expansive assortment of zany gifts, magnets, board games, and hand-puppets, and now you’re seriously considering taking home a mechanical ice-cream-licker. The shop casts its own special spell, believe us. Split into two halves, Scribbledoodles is the party supply, gift and stationery store, while the Just For Fun side carries seasonal gifts and decorations, whimsical novelty items, games, greeting cards, wrapping paper, kid’s books and fun cake decorations. A great place if you’re looking for a gift idea, Just For Fun has everything from the practical to the bizarre; we especially like the Mr. Potato Heads dressed in oddball costumes. This wacky shop also specializes in one-of-a-kind invitations. Perfect for a birthday or special occasion, Scribbledoodles is willing to work with any custom artwork or photographs to make your child’s invitations unique, and orders are usually delivered in less than a week.  The employees are folks with personality, and the well-behaved, friendly store dog that roams the aisles is sweet-tempered and doesn’t mind being petted, even by novices. Feel free to even bring your own pooch in, as it is a dog-friendly place; it’s rumored the employees sometimes hand out free doggy biscuits!