Just Opened: #getfried Fry Cafe in Santa Clara

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Let’s cut to the chase. Sometimes all we want is a ol’ big pile of fries. It’s your lucky day as #getfried Fry Cafe just opened in Santa Clara and the focus is on the fries. You can get them straight up, curly, sweet and topped with just about every topping you can imagine. We checked it out and think that you should make today a fry-day.

The Inspo
#getfried gets it’s fry inspiration from the Netherlands where small fry cafes are popular. Part of the menu is devoted to “Dutch style” fries. Choose from among six types of fries—hand cut, coated straight cut, seasoned waffle, sweet potato, curly and funnel fries. Then you get to the fun part—the toppings! With 16 options available, there’s something for every taste. Do it like the Brits do and go for malt vinegar, or sweeten up your sweet potatoes with maple syrup or honey. Dutch style fries come in a cone with the toppings drizzled over the top (or ask for them in a boat to make eating easier).

The Menu
It’s not just sides that make up the #getfried menu. You can grab a whole meal there when you choose one of the topped fry baskets or regional specials. The Greek will get your fries topped with your choice of steak, pork or chicken, plus garlic lemon aioli, feta cheese and cherry tomatoes. For a California twist, order the avocado explosion that will get your fries covered in avocado aioli, sliced avocado, cilantro, red onion, cheese sauce, bacon and your choice of meat. You can even order the Santa Clara Salad which tops mixed greens with avocado, tomato, blue cheese and you guessed it, fries.

If your kids are looking to take a walk on the wild side, order the slider trifecta. In lieu of buns, the sliders use seasoned waffle fries. You get a mini burger, pulled pork sandwich and buffalo chicken sandwich—perfect for little hands and big appetites. The menu also includes every kid’s favorite chicken fingers and the dip-able pizza fingers. Both come with your choice of fries and a drink.

Unlimited refills from the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine will help you to wash down your meal and parents can even order a beer which is served on tap. Cleaned your plate? #getfried offers chocolate, vanilla and strawberry milkshakes for dessert.

The Lay of the Land
This spot has a pretty small footprint and gets busy at meal times, especially weekdays during the lunch hours when it caters to local businesses. There’s a few tables inside and about 20 spots in the outdoor patio that is warmed with heat lamps when needed. It’s located in a strip mall right across the street from Great America.

4300 Great America Parkway
Suite 100
Santa Clara, CA
Hours: 11:30 a.m.-9 p.m. daily

Will it be poutine or pesto on your fries? Let us know your fave fry topping below!

—story and photos by Kate Loweth