Meet the Aquarium’s Newest Giant

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It heartens us when we see families load up the ol’ wood-paneled wagon — or, nowadays, we suppose, the hybrid SUV — and find the last remaining drive-in theaters still showing summertime movies. Kids should wear pajamas and fall asleep during the second half of a double feature, and teenagers should get their fill of classic, cheesy, bad effects-laden B movies. But those classic thrillers can be harder to find nowadays, at least at the drive-ins — which are in themselves hard to find — so we have to take our creature features elsewhere.

It is best, we think, when we can admire the creatures in-person, if possible, and learn something factual about them, too. Nope, giant Pacific octopuses don’t swallow major metropolises whole, but they are very smart and gorgeous sea-deep creatures with their own riveting backstory. And if you’d like to see a big one — and we mean 16-feet-long big — you can, at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Learn more about this marine mammoth by reading the rest of the article on NBC’s Worth the Drive.

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