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1213 Burlingame Ave
Burlingame, CA 94010

While Burmese restaurants are few and far between, especially outside the city, Mingalaba would stand out even if there were one on every block. This little gem serves authentic Burmese dishes that seem to manage to combine the best flavors of Chinese, Indian, and Thai cuisines. The dining area has sit-down service but a casual atmosphere that doesn’t exclude young kids. Wait staff are helpful and knowledgeable—wonderful as they have an extensive menu that can seem overwhelming at first—and the location on busy Burlingame Avenue can’t be beat. Stop in for a family lunch or meet friends for dinner, but be aware that lines can form on the weekend. Reservations are a good idea if you’re visiting during peak hours. In terms of the food, it’s hard to go wrong, but some favorites deserve a mention. For mom and pop, we recommend the tealeaf salad or the Paratha, both Burmese delicacies that are done very well here, and the House Special Noodle, which is to die for! Kids will go for the numerous noodle dishes, the yummy coconut rice, and entrees like the Rainbow chicken, which combine veggies with treats like chicken and sweet pineapple. The adventurous may even dare to try house favorite Pumpkin Yellow Chicken, a delicious medley of green beans, carrots, yellow pumpkin and chicken served in an actual pumpkin bowl!