Peek a Green Makes Buying Green Baby Gifts a Snap

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Green Gift Helperpeekagreen

Every year, the list of babies on your Christmas list seems to get longer. But you don’t mind—you indulge yourself by hunting down the most adorable baby gear on the planet. And this year, you’ve made a vow to choose only the safest materials out there – no harsh chemicals or toxins for the little dumplings in your life.

Here’s where Peek a Green comes in, like a selective little elf that’s done all the important research for you. Peek a Green is committed to outfitting babies with the safest, greenest, and cutest products out there, meaning all the company’s wares are made from organic materials while supporting green and fair labor practices. Chances are you’ll find something ultra-adorable here, too. Like a Bamboo Baby bathrobe or a 100% formaldehyde-free, FSC-certified, real wood Art Easel by Ecotots.

Create your own gift sets or select an exclusive gift set fashioned in one of seven categories, from play sets and eat sets to mix-and-match sets and even gifts sets for mom. BONUS: With every purchase you make, Peek a Green and partner Trees for the Future will have a single tree planted. Shop online at

—Renee M. Rutledge