One Cool Thing: a Game-Changing New Organic Baby Food Co.

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From caregiving to crib bedding, you make careful decisions about what’s best for your baby. When it comes to baby food, getting fresh produce from the farmer’s market and slow-cooking it yourself sounds ideal, but it definitely isn’t realistic. Thanks to a new Bay Area mom, there’s a way that you actually can have that organic batch-cooked baby food every day. Raised Real just launched so read on to find out why this might just become your next baby meal staple.

What It Is

Raised Real is a subscription-based baby food delivery service for the health-conscious parent. The service is ideal for children four months old to two years old. As a subscriber, you will first receive the all-in-one Meal Maker to steam and blend everything. The Meal Maker is free to keep for subscribers. Then every two weeks a box of 20 meals will be delivered free of charge via FedEx Ground. The shipping boxes are insulated, so no need to worry about being home for deliveries, and you’ll feel good knowing all of the packagings totally recyclable and compostable! All meals are organically sourced, flash frozen, pre-portioned, and ready to heat and serve. Each box will include four different recipes (totaling 20 meals, at about $4.75/meal). It’s perfect for busy parents and easy enough for any caregiver:

Step 1. Grab meal pack from the freezer.
Step 2. Steam.
Step 3. Serve; or Blend then Serve (depending on preference).

photo credit: Raised Real

Why Raised Real?

What makes Raised Real stand out compared to other baby food options? The Recipes. Recipes are designed by CoFounder, and mama, Michelle Davenport, who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition. Each recipe is based on cutting-edge nutrition science. The purpose of the recipes is to focus on areas of development for each stage of the babies life, from eyes and brain to immunity and digestion. As well as develop the babies pallet, of course. Two of the current recipes include: sweet potato, mango, coconut milk, lucuma powder, and ground chia; and carrot and thyme (included in the Starter Box).

American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for introducing solids has become much more relaxed, encouraging parents and caregivers to introduce a variety of foods at one time. Raised Real has followed these new guidelines to introduce a handful of new fruits, vegetables, and spices each box shipment. The pre-portioned meal packs can be easily steamed in the Meal Maker in under 20 minutes and either served directly as finger food or pureed to desired consistency.

photo credit: Raised Real

Bonus: Raised Real offers subscribers a 24/7 SMS hotline to answer any questions parents might have. Poop questions answered. They also make it easy to edit or cancel the subscription. Subscribers can cancel at any time, and it’s as easy as sending a text via their SMS hotline!

Cost: $95/every two weeks

Tell us what baby food making methods you’ve tried and love in the comments below!

—Jennifer Yco


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