Pampering Bodycare for Expecting Mamas

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Spoil Yourself  

We know how it is with second, third, etc. kids: As if chasing around after your child wasn’t enough, now you’re doing it with an extra couple dozen pounds tacked onto your midsection. Make the most of the precious few moments to yourself to pamper your bod and connect with the little one growing inside of you.

In 2005, while pregnant with her first child, San Francisco mom Tamara Johnson found herself frustrated with the bodycare products available to expecting moms, and created Spoiled Mama, a skincare line devoted to making mommy’s skin more supple and smooth, before and after baby makes his appearance. Made from organic ingredients, and free of petroleum, parabens, and pthlalates, the line follows from pregnancy (Bump Gloss oil, Tummy Butter)  through postpartum (Sitz-ing Pretty sitz bath tea, Soothing Aloe leg gel), and even includes special products specially-made for breastfeeding moms (Fix That Sucker Nipstick, Mama’s More Milk Please tea). The gift sets come beautifully packaged and make fabulous shower gifts. Lavishing these special treats on your belly feels like a day at the spa, even if it’s just  a couple of stolen minutes post-shower.

You can order Spoiled Mama products through their website, or purchase them at Natural Resources on Valencia St., or Nest Maternity on Divisadero. Help yourself or another mom you know feel a little bit spoiled, if only for a day.

–Sarah Bossenbroek