Super-Cool Tees Tots Color in Themselves

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Fill It Out and Put It OnBEARPACKAGING

Ever wish your kids could show off their artwork to the world? Or maybe they’re getting bored of drawing on regular ol’ paper? Before they start sketching on the walls, give them another alternative. Let their t-shirts be their canvases.

SF-based Invisible Stripes has just collaborated with Crayola to bring you their most talked about line of the season: the Color-Me-Circus 2009 Holiday Collection. Funky-fun characters Leo the Lion, Barry the Bear, and Elly the Elephant recharge with the sun, and their circus hoops are printed with UV ink that recharges with the sun. Each 100% cotton tee also comes with 5 fabric markets, so the little prodigies in your life can help color in the circus animals jumping through hoops and balancing on balls with all the color they canCRAY_LION imagine.

The Crayola Series, Color-Me-Circus tees range in size from 2T to 6T and retail for $28. While you’re scoping out Invisible Stripes’ edgy, urban style, check out the locally designed Party Animal Tees in black or white, each featuring an eye-popping, 3D graphic – 3D glasses included. Party Animal tees are $24. Shop the Invisible Stripes boutique at 627 Post Street in San Francisco, or go to

—Renee M. Rutledge