Sweet Surrender

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37Thanksgiving is no time to practice restraint; it’s a celebration of abundance, so don’t hold back from enjoying each and every course…especially dessert! But baking’s sometimes better left to the pros, especially when there are potatoes to be mashed, turkeys to be basted, and brussels sprouts to be caramelized. Lucky for us all, the Noe Valley Bakery takes the pressure off with their scrumptious pies. Since 1995, Mary and Michael Gassen have been baking pies filled with pear-cranberry, pecan, pumpkin, and more, offering you infinite choices without having to bake around your bird.

In fact, just let that turkey hang out in there all day and pick up your dinner rolls (made from their famous challah bread), homemade bread stuffing and pumpkin bread. Got a sweet tooth but pie’s not your thing? There are also turkey-shaped cookies, finger-puppet cupcakes, and individual pumpkin cheesecakes with ginger cookie crust. You have our permission to go all out–this holiday only comes once a year!

Noe Valley Bakery
4073 24th St., San Francisco

PS – You can also find Noe Valley Bakery at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market on Sundays. Now through December, you’ll find dozens of fans lined up for Michael’s Christmas Stollen.