Tall Ship Fleet at the Festival of Sail

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It’s pretty much a fact that one tall ship will draw a crowd of people on land over to a dock for a better look. Two tall ships? All the cameras and camera phones are out and pointed at the water. Three tall ships? People are madly texting various friends to get down to the harbor this instant before the majestic vessels drift into the horizon and onto new adventurers and admirers. But over twenty tall ships? That right there is a party. And, in San Diego each Labor Day Weekend, that party has a name: Festival of Sail.

The Maritime Museum of San Diego puts it on, meaning that there will be a historical element and loads of activities. And, yep, there will be the oh-so-watchable cannon battles and some pirate action, too, plus dozens of arts and crafts vendors. Surely tall ships of yore met tall ships dropping anchor in various ports, although the types of goods for sale have likely changed over the century. (Although maybe you will be able to buy a leather jerkin, like in ye olden days?)

Find all the details about this maritime festival by reading the story at NBC Bay Area’s Worth the Drive.

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