The Ark Toy Store

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3845 24th St.
(Between Church St. & Vicksburg St.)
San Francisco, Ca 94114

These days, with so many new, up and coming electronic gadgets available for the little ones to tinker with, The Ark Toy Store offers a refreshing selection of toys and games for all ages that have a more old-fashioned feel.  Don’t let the size of this cozy space fool you, as it is filled to the brim with unique toys that range from board games and painting sets, to little figurines, baseball cards, and wooden blocks. Let your child’s imagination run wild with The Ark’s tried and true offerings like classic plush puppets, dinosaurs figures, and beautifully made dolls. If a more educational toy is what you seek, The Ark Toy Store has plenty of options for your budding Einstein to enjoy, including some Waldorf inspired playthings.  While items from this store can get a bit pricey, all their items are built to last and the staff will do a lovely job of wrapping gifts upon request, at no extra charge. This is a great place to find simple toys that will encourage the kids to step away from the TV and computer and spend some time dressing up and exercising their imaginations.  As you and your kiddo peruse the shop, it’s more than likely your own inner child might also come out to play!