The Candy Store

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7 Main Street
Tiburon, Ca 94920

What better way to complete an afternoon spent on the waterfront than indulging your sweet tooth? We’re willing to bet you know some tiny people who won’t be opposed to checking out The Candy Store; a diverse sweet shop with candies to satisfy every craving, be it sweet or sour. With an inventory ranging from gourmet chocolates to marzipan, caramel apples to salt water taffy, gummy bears to gum balls, the packed shelves of the Candy Store would make even Willy Wonka proud. They even stock a wide array of sugar-free options for diabetics and dieters, who are usually left out on expeditions like these. This old-time candy store has a nostalgic feel that brings in people of all ages, and lets them enjoy the simple pleasures in life (like sifting through bins of salt-water taffy to find the best flavors.) Satisfy your cravings by picking out your choice of sweets, and then go find a place to rest on the grass in Shoreline Park and nibble or take a stroll by the rest of the storefronts and munch. For hot summer days, the Candy Store also offers Dreyer’s Ice Cream and homemade cones. We love the yummy butternut pecan ice cream in a still-warm waffle-cone; skillful employees roll them hot off the press as you watch…perfection! Head to Belvedere Community Park after the sugar takes hold, and burn off the calories on the spider climber or the tire swing. It’s just the spot to visit when the sun is out and shining. What a treat!