The New App For At-Home Delivery

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The days of receiving letters and packages via snail mail are slowly being replaced by the conveniences of the digital age. While the internet may have simplified our ability to shop online or browse through online catalogs, shipping and delivery still rely on good old fashioned man power. If your looking for speedy and secure at-home delivery, check out San Francisco’s newest fleet of delivery couriers. David Weir of 7×7 writes:

When it launched with its first iPhone app last December, Soma-based Postmates represented what its founder, Bastian Lehmann, called “a FedEx for local deliveries” here in the city.

Its goal was to get every store in San Francisco to start using couriers to make home deliveries– something few merchants have done traditionally.

“But we met some resistance from the stores; they had lots of questions,” says Lehmann. “I realized we weren’t going to achieve our goal anytime soon.”

Meanwhile, while merchants may have been hesitant, consumers were not.

Learn more about San Francisco’s newest courier service app by taking a look at the full story here.

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