Trove: A New Storage Service That Will Make Parents Rejoice

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Parents are experts on STUFF. All the things we buy and need (or don’t really need) for life phases that go by in a flash. Itsy bits newborn pjs? Baby bathtubs? Carseats in 4 sizes? And while most parents have the urge to toss these space suckers as soon as baby grows out of them, if more kids are in the future it only makes sense to hang on to ALL. THAT. STUFF. That’s why the brand new moving and storage service, Trove, is a clutter-despising parent’s dream. With a few clicks of your smart phone, you’ll be able to Marie Kondo your clutter away, then have delivered right back to you whenever you need it. Seriously. Read on for all the details.

Pack It, Snap It, Store It
Trove solves three problems we are betting most parents (and people for that matter) don’t want to deal with: packing up your extra items, hauling them to a storage facility, finding and retrieving them once you need them again. Trove handles it all, with all the sleek simplicity you have to come to expect from the bevy of tech conveniences that streamlines our lives. You register on the site, schedule a pick up and just like your favorite dinner delivery service, your phone lets you know that your movers are on the way. They arrive with boxes, tape and bubble wrap; then proceed to organize, pack and photograph you items, before shipping them away. About 24 hours later you will receive and email with the photo inventory, and instructions on how to summon back your items at any time.

People Who Care About Your Stuff
Because to anyone else, it might just be named up bike that has seen better days, bu too you it’s the one your child learned how to pedal on, and spent a whole summer cruising around the neighborhood. Trove’s slogan is “For people who love their stuff” and so they partner with only the best movers and most trusted storage facilities, so your items are always treated with the upmost care and respect. And surprisingly, this white glove service doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. The model is based on the fact that most people chose storage facilities based on proximity to their home, so prices can be steep when doing it on your own. But because Trove handles the transportation, they can store in places that may be less convenient (and cheaper) so costs stay down. And prices are completely upfront and transparent (and flat rates, based on the estimated square footage of need storage area. Packing materials, moving services are all included, so there is never an extra charge for what makes Trove so convenient.

Check out their site and take the “How Much Storage to I Need” quiz. And let the decluttering begin.


–Erin Feher

Are you in need of a service like Trove? Tell us what you would store in the comments below. 

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