Tiger Cub Debuts at the S.F. Zoo

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Like any good mom, Leanne is teaching her kid the do’s and don’ts, but instead of learning how to crawl, this new baby is already bounding up the stairs. Say hello to the San Francisco Zoo’s curious new tiger cub who was born about 10 weeks ago.

Leanne and her cub recently made their debut in the outdoor tiger pen, which features bails of hay, tons of foliage, and a mossy staircase that the tiger cub loved to climb up (Leanne on the other hand wasn’t so pleased with the cub’s enthusiasm to climb the stairs again and again and again). The tiger cub currently weighs 14 pounds and we imagine she’ll soon be fearlessly romping around the outdoor enclosure, under the watchful eye of her mom, of course.

Ok, enough with the talk. We know you want to see photos of this cute new cub. Click through our gallery and then let us know if you’ve gotten to take a peek at the Zoo’s newest resident.


Leanne carries the cub around by the scruff of her neck. Imagine doing this with our kids?!fuck