Toy Story

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We’ve been talking to more and more parents who are getting 32their kids one great toy for their birthday or the holidays instead of piles of doodads to clutter up the house, only to be used for a few months and then forgotten. We’re all for that, but what we love even more is an idea that lets our kids play with all the age-appropriate toys they could possibly want, without having to store them after they’ve outgrown them or become bored. Baby Plays is a toy rental company–like Netflix for toys–which allows you to put together a wish list of items, receive a box of toys each month, (like wooden stackers and puzzles from Melissa & Doug, music-making educational toys from VTech and Baby Einstein, and even instruments like a toy accordion or violin), then simply package them up and FedEx them back at month’s end. All the toys pass stringent quality, lead, and safety standards, and are sanitized with an all-natural, organic product before being sent out. With a variety of plans (for various commitment periods and number of toys each month), it can be customized to fit your family’s needs. Reduce consumption and waste (no oversized toy boxes taking up room in your recycling bins), and fill up your tot’s toybin at the same time–genius! We wanna play, too!

Baby Plays