Social Kitchen & Brewery, the Inner Sunset’s New Gourmet Brewery

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The Inner Sunset now possesses a solid craft brewery on 9th Avenue where parents can chill out with a glass of L’Enfant Terrible while kids enjoy tempura sweet potato fries served in a miniature bucket. A newcomer on the San Francisco gourmet brewpub scene, Social Kitchen & Brewery aims at bringing food-friendly beer to the local community. Across from Arizmendi Bakery and steps from the Inner Sunset Farmers Market, the brewery serves Belgian- and German-style beers crafted on spot, some of which even appear on the food menu as ingredients.

Since the N-Judah MUNI line stops at the corner of the block, Social Kitchen is a great choice for a car-less lunch or dinner, (or cut through Golden Gate Park and reach the brewery by foot or stroller). The restaurant’s facade is discreet, but once you’re inside, the big open space with large windows, long wooden bar and mezzanine is an inviting place to sit. Early in the evening, you can even navigate a stroller without problem, and in a nice nod to beer-loving parents, there’s a changing table in the women’s room. While the modern décor can seem somewhat sterile, the fact that there are no blaring TVs on the walls makes it easier to focus on the food, beer, and each other.

As far as food goes, local and seasonal governs the menu. The menu for the “young at heart” includes kid faves like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, burgers, and small side dishes. Your little ones’ sweet tooth will be rewarded the dessert menu if they dare to go bold with the sarsparilla crème brûlée with almond and Earl Grey tea cookies or the warm Liège waffle.

Note: This isn’t fast food, so order an appetizer and a beer and let the kids color while you’re waiting for the main dish.

Social Kitchen & Brewery, 1326 9th Ave. S.F., Main: 415-681-0330, Brewery: 415-571-8987

—Laure Latham