We’re Giddy for these Cute Handmade Hair Accessories

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Tame that Mane with Giddy Giddy giddygiddybird

It’s funny how unruly hair can be, even when there’s so little of it. Fine wisps of toddler tresses can take on a life of their own, and a thick head of hair can look wild fast. Teri Dimalanta, crafty proprietess of Giddy Giddy, can relate. She started making original, lovingly crafted hairclips to help tame her little girl’s hair—what she described as a “mohawk.” That was back in 2003, and today, Giddy Giddy’s super-cute, soft felt hair clips and bows are available for all little girls whose young manes need a little guidance. In fact, Teri says the name Giddy Giddy was inspired by the Japanese-Hawaiian term “giri giri,” meaning “cowlick.”

Even if your child’s hair combs down easily or lifts with beautiful body and fullness, she is sure to gain adorablenes points with a little pink elephant or brown owl as an accessory. Along with barrettes of different sizes for fine and full hair, giddy giddy has clip and hair bow holders with 21” dangling ribbons, handmade, cute-as-a-button felt ponytail bands, and soft cotton, velveteen hats. Hats sell for $34.00, and clips n’ things range from $8 to $30. If you love the clips, you’ll love the backpacks and pouches too, in the signature Giddy Giddy style.

Shop directly on the Giddy Giddy websiteor visit one of manystorescarrying giddy giddy products in the Bay Area.

—Renee M. Rutledge