Strike a Birthday Pose: 4 Places for a Yoga Party

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We always want to do something unique for our kids’ birthday parties, and what could be more memorable than welcoming another year with an open heart and some inner peace, right? This year, a little good karma is coming our way with the yoga party, where kids can celebrate their hungry caterpillar, Star Wars, or fairies-themed party right on the mat. Read on to see which yoga party setup works for your budding yogi.

Yoga Kids Party

It’s Yoga Kids 
Relaxing and reveling in the birthday fun aren’t two things you normally associate with party planning, but you can expect to do just that at an IYK birthday celebration. Parents can choose from three yoga party packages: The Works!, Teamwork and At Your Place. For The Works! option, IYK takes care of the food, refreshments, utensils, party favors, balloons, and yoga class — they take care of everything. All you have to do is invite the guests and bring the cake. Easy, right? The Teamwork option splits the responsibilities in half, with the studio taking care of the decorations and yoga class, and with parents taking care of the rest. The last option brings the yoga party to a location of your choice.

Good to know:
– The Works! Yoga Party costs $450 for 10 participants and lasts for 2 hours (class and celebration included); the Teamwork party costs $350 for 10 participants and lasts for 2 hours (class and celebration included).

– A yoga party at your home or other location costs $150 for unlimited participants. The yoga class is 45 minutes long.

It’s Yoga Kids
569 Ruger Street
San Francisco, Ca 94129

Yoga Girls Birthday Party
Held at people’s homes or at the location of your choice (martial arts studio, community center or private club house), or ‘SPY’ brings the yoga fun to your yogi. The parties are custom tailored to the age and to the child’s interest, so families can work with instructors in creating a yoga party theme centered around a favorite book, Pixar character, or color obsession. Does your child want an all purple party with matching tiaras and scarves? Or, does the entire studio have to be decked out in Thomas the Train? Either way, the instructors can tweak their yoga class according to the child’s chosen party theme. And parents, you can exhale a bit longer knowing that all poses at the party are age-appropriate for the celebrant and the guests.

Good to know: 
– Parties last from 45 minutes to an hour.

– Packages are $250 for up to 15 children, goody bags included. Yoga mat party favors can be provided at an additional cost.

– serves 3-year-olds up to middle schoolers in the entire bay area, from Marin to San Jose.
P.O. Box 642
Los Altos, Ca 94023

Kids Yoga Party Boys

Nandi Yoga
Already a hit with their adult and pint-sized students, Nandi Yoga’s Tiffany Belzer and Stephanie Berea work with parents to come up with a yoga party class that’s centered around the celebrant’s theme. The festivities last about 75 minutes: one hour for the yoga; 15 minutes for cake and opening presents.

 Good to know:
– Nandi Yoga charges $150 for up to 10 children for yoga parties at the studio; each additional child is $10.

– Families should make reservations at least 2 months in advance.

Nandi Yoga
309 8th Avenue
San Mateo, Ca 94401

Yoga Kids Party

Holly Go Lightly Yoga
It’s a no brainer. Holly knows that kids have tons of fun when they’re doing starship galaxy squats, Hans Solo Warrior I, and the Chewbacca Warrior II. She gives the gift of yoga to kids as young as 3 years old, all the way up to pre-teens.

Good to know:
– Holly’s yoga parties are usually held at the Ross Recreation Center or the Yoga Center of Marin.

– The parties last for 2 hours, 1 hour of yoga and 1 hour for other festivities. For younger kids and toddlers, she usually trims the class to 45 minutes.

Holly Go Lightly Yoga

What do you have planned for your little one’s next birthday?

–Cathy Lara

Photo credits: It’s Yoga Kids,, Nandi Yoga, Holly Go Lightly Yoga