Teachers Can Get 50 Scholastic Books for Less than $60—Here’s How

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Scholastic has a deal that educators probably can’t pass up. Imagine getting a entire book collection for teachers that’s priced at under $55. Read on to see how you or a teacher you know can score this awesome deal.

Educators don’t always have the funding they need to buy all of the school supplies necessary to teach effectively. A U.S. Department of Education survey of public school teacher spending found that 94 percent of teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies. Along with paper, pencils, art supplies and all kinds of educational goodies that are completely necessary, books are a school supply of which teachers are often in short supply.

Photo: Suad Kamardeen via Unsplash

Well Scholastic wants to remedy this. Now through Oct. 31, the publisher is offering teachers a 50-book collection for $50 (plus a $4.50 shipping fee). Fifty books for (basically) $50? That’s a heck of a deal!

If you’re wondering just how much teachers can save with this amazingly awesome deal, the sale prices for the 50-book collections are as much as 80 percent off. That means the now-$50 grade 3-4 collection that once was $250 is a $200 savings. Yep, $200!

The collections are bundled by grade, including grades K through 2, grades 3 and 4, grades 3 through 5 or grades 5 and 6. Each set varies, but each includes a variety of favorite titles, award-winners, informational texts and other assorted educational reads. Check out all of the available bundles at Scholastic’s website.

So if you’re a teacher, or know a teacher who could use this deal, act now!

—Erica Loop



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