30 Perfect Summer Nights in Seattle

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When it comes to endless summer nights, Seattle has the bragging rights sewn up: Around here, sunlight lingers into end of day (we’ll have 16 hours of daylight on June 21!), making for long, languid evenings that seem to stretch on forever. Sure, our nights are seldom hot—some years, we just settle for dry—but the city comes alive at night during this season, with myriad options for after-hours adventures. Whether you’re seeking ways to play, eat, drink or explore the outdoors in the dark, this is your guide to the best summer nights Seattle has to offer.

Hot Tub Boats
Imagine bobbing along on Lake Union in a floating, diesel-powered hot tub. That, um, dream is now reality, thanks to Seattle-based HOT TUB BOATS. Created by local shipwrights with an entrepreneurial bent (and, apparently, a sense of humor), these floating tubs (patent pending!) will take to the lake with as many as six people on board. The good news? A diesel-fired boiler keeps the water hot during your voyage. And you can steer while submerged. The bad? No alcohol or nudity is allowed. Sheer decadence or extreme dorkiness? We’ll let you decide. At press time, rental fees were not available; hottubboats.com.

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