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There is nothing like the fashion challenge of gearing up for that first day back to work after those blissful months of maternity leave when you lived in your sweats. You stand in your closet, still not down to fightin’ weight, and the thought of wearing anything remotely professional is beyond depressing. Never mind the fact that since you plan to continue nursing, you need clothes that will accommodate easy pumping in your office.

71Sounds like an e-trip to HadleyStilwell is in order. The recently launched collection of classic-styled tops, dresses and jackets features elements like hidden zippers and stretchy fabrics, all designed with the ease of breastfeeding and pumping in mind. It’s the creation of Ballard mom Holli Harris, who had her own wardrobe issues when she returned to her corporate job. Harris found that most nursing tops had plunging necklines that were too revealing for the office. She realized there was a market for well-tailored clothes with low skin exposure and quick access to the breast.

The Hadley Stilwell line comes in basic colors and can be worn together or with other separates. (For example, pair the Signature Dress with the Signature Jacket and you’ve got a suit that will power you through any big meeting but still allow for hassle-free pumping). Harris says the clothes are stylish enough to be worn beyond your nursing days. Case in point: one of her first clients was a woman who didn’t even have kids.

HadleyStilwell, $57 -77