5 Hot Dates for Your Culinary Calendar

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As days get shorter and cooler and summer slips away, it helps to have something tasty to look forward to, right? Fortunately, there are a bushel of super groovy foodie events coming up. Leslie Kelly of Seattle Magazine writes:

Let’s start with an outing to Bumbershoot. The massive crowds at the annual music and arts fest kinda freak me out, but there’s a calmer side to the mosh pit mayhem at the Words & Ideas lectures and discussions. So civilized. On Saturday, there’s a rare opportunity to get the skinny on the biggest cookbook sensation EVER. Go hear the crew from Modernist Cuisine share “a new perspective on food” and hear about their upcoming cookbook geared to home cooks, too. The event page for this session has been getting lots of attention and suggests: “Get there early!” It starts at 1:45 p.m. at the Leo K Theater. You’ve got to buy a $45 Bumbershoot ticket, but most Modernist Cuisine events cost three times that.

There’s no admission charge to the Mobile Food Rodeo on September 15, which bills itself as the nation’s largest meals on wheels feast. By rounding up 45 trucks, organizers promise shorter lines, so more munching time. (You pay for orders at each vendor.) Oh, and there will be two beer gardens and music. It goes down between noon and 8 p.m. in South Lake Union.

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