5 Sophisticated Spring Break Cocktails

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For those of us who have long since been in college, spring break means little more than hordes of coeds, swarming sunny beaches with mixed drinks as colorful as their language. Isn’t it time the grownups take spring break back? We at Red Tricycle would like to believe that hard work deserves reward, so shouldn’t you be able to enjoy a relaxing cocktail while the weather gets toasty? Our good friends at Seattle Magazine agree, that’s why they put together a list of 5 cocktails that’ll get you in the mood for a spring break of your own.

Melissa Punch at Seattle Magazine writes:

Spring Break, for many, conjures up visions of snockered college kids carrying around drinks with names that could make a sailor blush and, worse, taste of gasoline mixed with bad perfume. And while we might make fun of these scantily-clad, sandy revelers, I’ll bet many readers feel a twinge of sadness when spring break starts and southern beaches around the country begin to fill.

I mean, it’s probable that you don’t want to join that boozy scene, but doesn’t taking a day off just as the sun is starting to shine more regularly sound like a fantastic idea?Especially if that day is accompanied by a well-made spring-and-summery cocktail that does not resemble a humongous plastic cup filled with vodka and Kool-Aid? Come on, the office will survive without you for a day or two.

To help spur you on, I’ve selected a few cocktails that would be ideal companions for more refined, but still awfully fun, late March or early April holidays.

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