7 Favorite Hot Noodle Soups

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There’s no question that things are feeling more than a bit chilly in Seattle. With temps in the 40s and intermittent downpours, the thought of going outside is one that we are quick to shun. But, for those who brave the winds and rain will be rewarded with heaping bowls filled with delicious and savory noodles. Our friends over at Seattle Magazine have rounded up their 7 favorite spots to get hot, slurpable noodle soups from the International District and beyond. Allison Austin Scheff writes:

Szechuan Beef Noodle Soup
Szechuan Noodle Bowl
This incredibly spicy broth is tinted a deep reddish-brown, its chile heat sure to clear your sinuses. And with beef that’s braised to an impossibly tender finish, ropey house-made noodles and firm bok choy for a hit of vitamin C, this is a soup to return to again and again. ($6.50)

Wonton and Sui Kau Soup
Mike’s Noodle House
When nothing but a hot broth and tender wonton soup will cure what ails us, stop in to huddle over a bowl of this deeply satisfying soup. The wontons (filled with shrimp and pork) here are tender and thin-skinned: just right. So, too, the sui kau (larger dumplings with mushroom and bamboo), filled with shrimp and pork. A little chili sauce, a little touch of vinegar: perfection. ($7.05)

Oxtail Pho
Ba Bar
At Ba Bar, it’s all about the beef broth, heady with star anise, basil, cilantro and slivered onions, but deep and layered, too. The braised oxtail meat is unctuous, the rice noodles slippery but just a touch firm. Extra care is taken at every step at this Capitol Hill restaurant, and the taste (and price) reflects it. ($11)

Follow your nose over to Seattle Magazine to catch the rest of the list.

photo credit: Hayley Young

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