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Women have done it for centuries: full time care giving, that is. It’s a fact we sometimes assume, associating running errands, juggling Junior, and kissing boo-boos with Mom Work. Now, with Father’s Day approaching, I would like to recognize a friend of mine, James, who is a stay-at-home dad. He takes care of his children Johannes (5 years old) and Anna (2 years old), and his days are filled with what most moms’ days are filled with: mundane tasks, loads of laundry, smiles, a few tears, meltdowns, meal-making routines, and lots of love.

Some time ago, I met James and children at Shilshole Beach in Seattle. Somehow, I had the perfect prop in my car for a photo of dad and kids: a weightlifting barbell. We took it to the beach and James started lifting weights while Johannes hung from it. “As a parent I feel like the mythical Atlas a lot, holding the Earth on my shoulders,” said James. “Now, I feel it literally!” James is a terrific full time father: understanding, thoughtful, positive, patient, forgiving, and loving.  I admire his commitment to his kids and willingness to boldly go where many moms have gone before. Happy Father’s Day James!

This is a story from our friend, photographer Anita Nowacka. You can find others like it, plus all of her fabulous photos, on her blog.

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