Babies, Meet Industrial Design

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186We acknowledge that stroller designs (and prices) have gotten out of hand lately and we don’t mean to perpetuate the trend, but we simply must dish about Orbit Baby Inc.’s Infant System. Launched at JPMA (the Juvenile Products Manufacturing Association industry event) in Orlando yesterday, the system stylishly converts from car seat to stroller and back again. Take one look at the functional design and it will be obvious to you that three former IDEO employees/dads are behind it.

(IDEO develops cutting-edge products, services, environments and digital experiences.) Orbit Baby is easy to use: The SmartHub interface at the bottom of the infant seat can snap into both the Base (which resides in your car) and the Stroller. The patent-pending swivel base allows you to install the car seat from any angle. Voila–Baby is secured in record speed. Sigh …if only changing diapers were that easy.

Estimated price for Orbit Infant System (includes stroller, car seat and base): $899
Coming soon to Merry Go Round:
1014 116th Ave. NE, Bellevue