Baby’s Big Debut

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176You really do want the world to know that Baby has arrived. Yet, you’re too exhausted to even pick up the phone and you certainly don’t want to spend a ton of money sending out vellum-and-ribbon bedecked cards. Why not order some of PhotoWorks’ new baby announcements and consider your work done? Seattle-based PhotoWorks, a site where you can store and share digital photos as well as create cards and photo books, just launched its announcement line last month. Luckily for the technologically disinclined, it’s easy as pie to create quality cards, complete with coo-worthy photos of Little One. The basics: First, create an account, download PhotoStreamer2 (for free), and then you’re able to upload pictures from your digital camera onto PhotoWorks’ site. Next, select the pic(s) you’d like to use for the announcement, choose from almost 30 different card styles and then add text including Baby’s name, birth date, length and weight, etc. Your cards and envelopes will be mailed to you asap. You do have to take care of the stamps, the addressing and mailing of the cards, but that’s what partners and friends are for, right? Licking envelopes?

Baby Announcements from $.52 each (plus shipping and handling) at:

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