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146There are a few “F” words that are inexorably tied to parenting: Feeding. Fussing. Frustration. As you get swept up in caring for Baby, it’s easy to lose sight of other, easier “F” words, such as “Fabulous”. How to take care of yourself, when you’re busy taking care of Baby? Here’s how: three fantastic new services are up and running, and letting you breathe easier. Finally.

8 Limbs Yoga
Ahh, the downward dog. Sun salutation. Our bodies crave you. Even if we’re not as ambitious as a shoulder stand, we need the time to breathe. Now, we can focus on yoga, while someone else keeps an eye on Little One. 8 Limbs Yoga now offers on-site childcare ($5/child/class) during two of its popular Thursday morning classes, Yin (relaxing and meditative, all levels) at 9:00, and Hatha Flow (beginning and intermediate) at 10:00. Don’t forget, 8 Limbs also offers prenatal and Mom & Baby classes.
8 Limbs Yoga
500 East Pike Street

New Born You Massage
Who’s that knocking at the door? Oh, hello! It’s the massage therapist and the childcare provider. Genius! With in-home full-service massage and built-in childcare (from $90 for one hour), New Born You offers parents relaxation and rejuvenation. The company even brings toys and activities for the kids, or you can ask that more independent kids be escorted to your nearest park. All you need is a ten by ten space ready for your luxurious treatment. Browse the web site for awesome group and party deals, too. All services available in Seattle, and groups or parties available on the Eastside. Just relax.
New Born You Massage (Business Closed)
3406 East James Street

Cut and Color by Stefanie Albaeck
Hip hairstylist Stefanie Albaeck has a new way to pamper you, and to make life a little easier. She’ll come to your house, bringing nine years of styling savvy and her own baby. While she does your hair, the babies bond. Get pro treatment and results at home (at a very decent price), with breaks to tend to Baby if need be. You can even do it as a bash; invite your friends over, give each other tips, and enjoy the experience. Meet up with Stefanie for coffee or tea beforehand so that everyone’s comfy cozy when she comes over to make you even more beautiful.
Stefanie Albaeck
haircut, $30.00; hair color prices vary

P.S. And don’t forget about Julep, the nail salon with childcare we introduced you to a few weeks ago.

It seems you’re just a phone call away from Fabulous.