Beyond Green Lake: 5 Awesome Jogging Stroller Paths

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Green Lake, Green Lake, Green Lake! (Say it like you’re on the Brady Bunch and saying Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!). Although we love Green Lake and its perfectly paved three-miles that goes around and brings you right back to your car, sometimes we get sick of the crowds and getting nearly run over by over-enthusiastic rollerbladers. Thankfully, there are some other great places to run with a stroller in Seattle and the Eastside and they deserve a little wheeled love too. If you’re a mom or dad with a kiddo who loves to ride while you run (lucky!), check out these five paths and trails in Seattle where you can put some serious miles under your feet.

1. Fremont-Ballard Trail

Type of Path: Varies – some parts are paved paths, some parts are along sidewalks, some parts are on gravel trails. All sections are jogging stroller accessible.
Distance: Approximately six-miles from Gas Works Park to Golden Gardens.
Where to Park: You can park at either Gas Works or Golden Gardens – there is plenty of parking at both, although you have the benefit of additional street parking at Gas Works, in case it’s a super sunny day and the lots are packed.
Kid Stops: No matter which park you start at, the reward for your kiddo at the other end is well worth the ride. If you end at Gas Works, take time to explore the park and climb up the hill to catch the view. If you end at Golden Gardens, you can choose from playground time or beach time for a post-run wind-down… or both!
Google Maps: Golden Gardens to Gas Works Park

2. Kirkland Waterfront

Type of Path: Sidewalk – be cautious of other jogging strollers coming the opposite way, especially if you’re pushing a double.
Distance: About three-miles, round-trip, from the park to Carillon Point
Where to Park: Start at Peter Kirk Park in Kirkland on Central Way, right next to the Kirkland Parkplace Shopping Center where there is plenty of parking. From the park, head down Central Way to the waterfront.
Kid Stops: We suggest running all the way down to Carillon Point at the beginning, then on the way back to the car. You can stop in downtown Kirkland for ice cream or a snack at one of the countless cute little bakeries or ice cream shops. Top it off with a trip to the playground at Peter Kirk Park before you load your jogging stroller in the car to head home.
Google Maps: Peter Kirk Park to Carillon Point

3. Lake Union

Type of Path: Varies — includes sidewalks, paved paths and bridges.
Distance: Exactly 6.2 miles all the way around.
Where to Park: Make Gas Works Park your starting and stopping point and head out in either direction around the lake – either clockwise towards the University Bridge or counter-clockwise towards the Fremont Bridge.
Kid Stops: If your passenger needs to stretch his or her legs, make a quick stop at the Center for Wooden Boats at South Lake Union on your way. And of course, some play time at Gas Works is required when you make it all the way around.
Google Maps: Lake Union Trail

4. Queen Anne Hill Route

Type of Path: Neighborhood sidewalks – be prepared for some bumps along the way. And, naturally some hills – this is Seattle, after all.
Distance: If you follow the entire route, you’ll go nearly 4.5-miles – just follow the brown street signs.
Where to Park: We think it’s convenient to park on Queen Anne Avenue North, so that your run ends where there is lots of fun stuff to do. Or, make your starting and stopping point Kerry Park and hit up the playground below at Bayview-Kinnear Park when you’ve come back around.
Kid Stops: What we love about running on the Queen Anne route is that you can easily cut your run short at any time and take a direct route back to your car. Also, a little promise of stopping at Menchie’s on the Ave never hurt either.
Google Maps: Kerry Park

5. Seward Park

Type of Path: Mostly paved & smooth trails – some are in slightly wooden areas that are great for shade on hot days.
Distance: Around the peninsula, along Lake Washington, is 2.5-miles
Where to Park: It’s easy as pushing a baby in a stroller to simply park in the Seward Park parking lot for your run.
Kid Stops: The park itself is the greatest reward for being a patient stroller-passenger, since Seward Park is a kid-favorite in Seattle. There are also little spots to stop along the trail and explore, if you don’t mind a stop-and-go style run.
Google Maps: Seward Park – Lake Washington

Where do you and your stroller buddy like to tick off the miles? Share with us in the comments below, plus your tips for keeping them in the stroller while you run.

— Katie Kavulla

— Katie Kavulla