7 Must-Follow Seattle Bloggers Who Will Make You Think

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Quick! Go grab your thinking cap! Can’t find it since you became a parent? Hmm. That’s weird. Try checking under the dozens of baskets of dirty laundry piled around your house. Or, maybe in the trunk of your car under the stinky soccer gear? Thinking cap or no, these Seattle-area bloggers will kick your brain into gear every time they post. Add them to your must-follow list… and also to your to-read-when-I-have-more-than-30-seconds list. Yup, we have one of those lists too.

The United States of Motherhood

If motherhood was a nation, Heather Murphy-Raines would be our leader... and we'd happily follow her with smiles on our faces. Blogging about her journey to getting healthy (Paleo and CrossFit, FTW!), about being a mom to teenagers, about being a swim mom and about her own family's traditions and stories, The United States of Motherhood is more than just another blog, it's a Seattle institution for moms. Find it: <a target="_blank" href="http://www.unitedstatesofmotherhood.com&quot; target="_blank">unitedstatesofmotherhood.com</a>fuck

Don’t miss these additional Seattle mom and dad bloggers! These funny bloggers will make you laugh so hard you’ll snort coffee out your nose. These creative bloggers will make you crave some quality time with Pinterest. And these travel bloggers will give you wanderlust.

Which Seattle mom and dad bloggers kick your brain into gear? Tell us in the comments!

— Katie Kavulla

Photos courtesy of the lovely bloggers listed.