Bra A-ha with Bella Materna

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173A-ha moments:

When you got a really good office chair and your back stopped hurting.

When you found a car seat that didn’t require a rocket science degree to use.

When you went to Bella Materna’s new Bra Fitting Salon, now open on Lake Union.

If you haven’t had the latter experience yet, it’s time to plan a visit to see Bella Materna’s Anne (said ‘Annie’) or Candace and have them size you correctly. Bella Materna makes richly crafted maternity and nursing lingerie that makes one look sexy even when she may be feeling not-so-sexy. Since most women wear the wrong bra size for various reasons—Anne says some use a 38C instead of going up to a ‘D’ cup—it’s best to seek professional advice even if you think you’re spot on. In the baby-friendly, petite retail space, you’ll be measured in a fitting room, with your bra on, and then given a series of fitting bras to try. Shopping for maternity/nursing bras and underthings is optional afterward; you aren’t obligated to buy anything. What you will definitely take home, though, is a fresh perspective on the term ‘comfortable bra.’

Fittings by appointment at:
Bella Materna Bra Fitting Salon
2000 Westlake Ave. N, Suite 10