Can-did Art

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126Of course everything Little One creates is a masterpiece in your eyes, even all of those noodle necklaces. We know how precious a scribble can be and just how many of them can turn up when the little ones are on a roll. Want to amp up your refrigerator art gallery? Move beyond basic art projects with kid-friendly (ages three and up) kits ($24) from Eye Can Art, a company started by three Seattle moms. Three kits have been flying off the shelves of some of our favorite children’s shops: Printmaking, Wax Drawing, and Japanese style Brush Painting. The kits come in re-usable paint-can-esque buckets packed full of everything Little One needs to make dramatic cut-paper collages, layered encaustic wax drawings, and traditional brush paintings with chop-block signatures. These kits are totally complete. The Brush Painting kit, for example, contains black liquid watercolor, a sponge, Sumi-e paper, a bamboo brush, a foam chop, a wood block, printing ink, black mounting paper, and adhesive dots. If some of those words sound technical, it’s because they are! This is no watered-down version of art; this is the real deal. Instructions are easy to follow and background information helps Little One learn the history of each style of art. Coming soon: Collage, Book Making, Charcoal Drawing, Painting, and Color Mixing. Inspired!

Eye Can Art
Available locally at Izilla Toys, Planet Happy Toys, Retroactive Kids and Urban Kids Play (business closed).