Say Bonjour to Choukette: Part French Bakery, Part Art Display

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In Seattle where cupcakes are king, macarons are queen and doughnuts, well really they’re the one ring to rule them all, there’s a new treat for you and your pint-sized crew to sink your teeth into. Say bonjour to Choukette éclair’art, Seattle’s newest and sweetest French bakery specializing solely in éclairs.

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography 

Sweet Dreams are Made of These
Choukette éclair’art recently opened its doors in the Pike Place Market. This sweet little shop (all 400 square feet of it) is tucked under the market with a storefront on Western Ave. Owners, Elizabeth Bastoni and Ludovic Guillaume, a French husband and wife team were looking for second careers after their youngest flew the coop to college. And guess what? They found it in éclairs!

photo: Natalia Dotto Photography 

Sweet Indulgences
The husband and wife duo met in France. Elizabeth says the éclair has been through a renaissance in France and she and her husband wanted to share the delicious indulgence with Seattle. Lucky us! Éclairs are pate a choux filled usually with a vanilla cream and glazed with a chocolate ganache. But an éclair at Choukette goes beyond the ordinary. In addition to sourcing the best products for the éclairs, mostly from local, sustainable and organic purveyors, Elizabeth and Ludovic believe the pate a choux is a canvas for their art. And they consider their kitchen a studio and their shop a gallery, hence the name, Choukette éclair’art.


photo: Natalia Dotto Photography 

The Art of Flavor
The éclair case is at perfect eye level for young gastronomes to delight in all the artfully created designs. If you begin to feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing just one, we have some recommendations: If you are more of a traditionalist, try one of the chocolate varieties: chocolate, chocolate/pistachio or hazelnut praline/chocolate croustillant. Fruit lovers should definitely try the huckleberry. And if your pint-sized foodies have an adventuresome palate, try the Isfahan-a raspberry and lychee combination with a hint of rose water. The fondant topping with XOs and a raspberry win for its fun factor. Psst… each éclair will set you back five bucks, but we guarantee it will be the best five bucks you spend all day.


photo: Natalia Dotto Photography

Afternoon Delight
Choukette is a tiny shop, with no seating inside. Let your kiddos chose their favorite (by design, color or flavor), order a cup of coffee and make your way to the small tables or bench nearby, right underneath the Market. Psst… nearby Billy the Pig (Rachel’s much overlooked porcine pal) will entertain the Littles and is a great photo opportunity, with éclairs in hand.

Choukette éclair’art
1500 Western Ave.
Seattle, Wa 98101

Hours: Tues.-Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m. (these works of pastry art typically sell out; get there early!)

Cupcakes, macarons or éclairs? What is your family’s favorite? Tell us in the Comments below!

— Natalia Dotto