Cinco de Mayo Family Eateries

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Bust out your sombreros and maracas, Seattle parents because Cinco de Mayo is on a Saturday this year. Lucky for us, Seattle has mastered the marriage of delicious Mexican restaurants that parents enjoy to kid-friendly dining, so everyone is sure to enjoy themselves while celebrating. So, grab a group of friends with kids and hit up one of these Cinco de Mayo hotspots – each place has margaritas that will have you reminiscing about Cinco de Mayos of the past… you remember… the ones where you didn’t have to wipe refried beans off anyone’s hands after they finished eating? Enjoy!

Now with four locations in Seattle and the Eastside, Cactus will no doubt be a popular place to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year! All four restaurants are extremely family-friendly, but without sacrificing an environment that will have mom and dad cringing. Plus, the food and specials are authentic and pretty swoon-worthy. But, let’s get down to business… the margaritas. Cactus won’t disappoint, in fact, you’ll probably have a hard time picking from their long list of margarita options, where you can even pick the type of tequila they use.

Alki Beach Location
2820 Alki Avenue Southwest
Seattle, Wa

Kirkland Location
121 Park Lane
Kirkland, Wa

Madison Park Location
4220 East Madison Street
Seattle, Wa

South Lake Union Location (the newest one!)
350 Terry Avenue North
Seattle, Wa


El Ranchon
Families who want to get together with a big group of friends for Cinco de Mayo celebrations or who have kiddos who are a little less than restaurant-friendly right now (anyone with a toddler who screams and throws things every time you go out?), hit up El Ranchon in Seattle’s Magnolia neighborhood for Cinco de Mayo. We wouldn’t say that anything goes at this traditional Mexican restaurant, but we will say that it is always swarming with families here, the food comes in the blink of an eye and they are so sweet and kind to kids – really, nobody will even notice that your toddler is screaming. When it comes to margaritas for mom and dad, they have the standards, which you can get on the rocks or blended.

3416 West McGraw Street
Seattle, Wa

Pecado Bueno
Let’s put it this way… Pecado Bueno, located in Seattle’s upper Fremont neighborhood, has $3.00 margaritas all day long. What’s been dubbed as the “Mommy Margarita” by many of its patrons, Pecado Bueno is a great choice for taking the kids out this Cinco de Mayo. Not only are their prices great – a family of four can easily dine for under $40 – but the menu is amazing as well. Oh, and did we mention the $3.00 margaritas? Insider Tip: Pecado Bueno tells us that they are bringing in some bands in the evening of Cinco de Mayo, so plan on dining a bit earlier with the kids… before things get too loud.

4307 Fremont Avenue North
Seattle, Wa

Senor Moose Café
Tucked away in Ballard, you may have driven by Senor Moose a million times without even realizing the gem that you’re passing – it is that kind of place and the only tip you may get is the line that is coming out the door for their weekend brunches. Senor Moose didn’t start as a Mexican restaurant (hence the unusual name!), but now, they serve some of the most authentic dishes in Seattle, including their moles, which are beyond amazing. The best parts about Senor Moose? They love kids here and they have a full bar with a to-die-for tequila selection, which means margaritas that won’t have you regretting ordering “just one more” the next day.

5242 Leary Avenue Northwest
Seattle, Wa

How are you celebrating Cinco de Mayo with your kids this year? Share your plans with us in the comments section below!

— Katie Kavulla

Photo credit to Lucas C., who loves a good sombrero