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Oodles of Seattle parents have learned something valuable from Nancy Hanauer: how to communicate with Baby, pre-first word. Hanauer’s Hop to Signaroo classes teach hearing adults how to use American Sign Language (ASL) to foster understanding with hearing Little Ones as young as five months old. Her one-on-one home instruction, workshops, and group classes have been wowing families since 2000 (your PEPS group may have invited her to speak).

Now, Hanauer introduces a new tool for her students–and any busy family who wants to learn the ASL signing basics: Roo-Minder Rings™. The idea: adults can learn a few key signs, and, by repeating them with Baby, begin to teach Baby to “talk”. These handy sets of twenty laminated cards offer clear instruction on useful signs. The Safety and Comfort set includes eat/food, milk, pacifier, hurt/pain, toy, play, music, no, hot, cold, and other important words. The Mealtime set gets specific with words including cereal, corn, banana, noodle, and yogurt.

Each card includes a full-color photo of a signing adults with arrows showing easy-to-follow movement, and memory aids. Bonus instruction cards clue you in on ASL handshapes and tips for success. Each ringed set hooks onto your diaper bag, highchair, or stroller, so you can keep them close by for quick reminders. What’s the sign for awesome?

Roo Minder Rings
American Sign Language Instruction and Reminder Cards™
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