Explore: Mount Baker Neighborhood

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Mount Baker is Seattle’s quintessential south end neighborhood stretching along the shore of Lake Washington from I-90  to Genesee Park. At the center is Mount Baker Park, an expansive green space connecting Mount Baker Beach with the neighborhood’s main retail core. The park has something for everyone: a playground with obstacles for monkeys of all abilities, a fast and fun zip line (yes, it is sturdy enough for you to ride with your tot) and a long walking path where moms and dads can let an exploring toddler run and run and run.

Special bonus: There is a family friendly pizzeria and café located across the street from the playground. Mioposto offers both caffeinated goodness and yummy hand crafted individual pizzas so the whole family can rejuvenate after a serious play session.

Mount Baker Beach has great morning sun exposure and even in the winter months offers a sheltered spot to dig in the sand. Additional family fun can be found on Mount Baker Ridge on the north end of the neighborhood. Enjoy a unique view from the Mount Baker Ridge Viewpoint Park on 31st Avenue South. This is the place to be for equinoxes and solstices, as the setting sun lights up a slot in the railing and split stone sculpture.

Just down the hill from the viewpoint at 29th Avenue South and South Grand Street is Bradner Gardens, which includes s Seattle Tilth demonstration garden and a wooden tractor that tots love to ride.

Check out the Mount Baker Community Club website for fun kids activities, ranging from puppet shows to festivals to concerts. This is one neighborhood that has its act together, and you are invited to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

—Karen McHegg