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169Constantly stocking the home for a wee one can drive a discerning parent to distraction. Lisa Cook, the mom behind Everett-based Crybaby Comforts understands and that’s why the company offers affordable short-term baby gear rental. Most spheres are covered, from sleeping (Amby Baby Hammocks, Arms Reach Co-sleepers and bassinets are for rent) to transport (Bjorn carriers and infant car seats). Some of the play items (Exersaucers, Bumbo seats) make fabulous rentals as the minimum rental period of three months will likely coincide with the timespan for which you’d use the product anyway. Simply hand it back at the end of Baby’s use and save yourself extra clutter–just in time for the next toy. Crybaby also rents out gear (strollers, highchairs and the like) for visitors to Seattle, so if you have miniature guests and their keepers coming into town, Crybaby can set them up with the right stuff and even deliver it to their hotel. Less lugging always makes for fewer tears all around, no?

Crybaby Comforts
Rentals from $4.50. For a complete list of products and prices, visit: