Get A Grip

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You’ve bundled Junior up like a marshmallow for the walk to preschool. It’s cold out and you’re holding hands the best you can through your bulky mittens. Suddenly he sees a buddy up ahead and pulls away faster than when your dog spots a squirrel. As he yanks free his tiny mitten falls in a puddle. Sound vaguely familiar? Get a better grip with a set of parent/child Smittens. 83

Here’s how it works: You each wear one mitten that fits your own hand. Then slip your “hand-holding hands” into a matching pouch/shared mitten. Voila…you’re holding hands safely and warmly! The original Smittens (for adults) have been around for awhile; the brainchild of Seattle clothing designer Wendy Feller who came up with the idea while trying to hold hands with her hubby on a brisk walk. The parent/child version is brand-new this fall and sure to make many wish-lists this holiday season. Smittens are made of cozy Polartec fleece and come in 3 colors and 3 styles. Sizing is a snap. A small mitten fits ages 3-7 so a Small/Large fits most child/parent combos (or get a medium for older kids & small handed adults).

Smittens are perfect for safely walking to school, a trip to the zoo, or just traipsing through the Costco parking lot. It’s official…we’re smitten!

Smittens, $34-$38
Available online at