Great Play of Redmond

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Greater Seattle Indoor Play Space

It’s no surprise that a really cool gym for kids with a high-tech interactive arena would open up in downtown Redmond. This is, after all, the land of high-tech. At Great Play, kids might feel like they’ve landed in the middle of a fun video game, except they are an active participant. Kids (from ages 1 to 10) learn motor and sports skills on the gym floor, while magic comes to life on the walls around them via a state of the art projection system. Little ones might play hide and seek with the animated mascot “Buddy” popping up on the walls around them, while learning to hop, skip and jump in the process. They can jump on a trampoline against a backdrop of snowy mountains or swing on a trapeze in the jungle with monkey friends. Older kids are coached on a broad range of sports skills such as passing a football, dribbling a basketball and fielding a baseball. With a lot of positive reinforcement from outstanding coaches, kids develop skills at their own pace while their confidence soars and natural abilities emerge. Be sure to check out the mini-camps and drop-in play times as well.

PS – Birthday parties are a slam dunk at Great Play, with endless options for structured activities and age-appropriate games that make the birthday child the star of the show.

Great Play of Redmond