Happy Birthday, Scallywag!

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145Ahoy, me hearties! Junior been talking like a parrot? Making elaborate maps? Mumbling about buried treasure? Wearing your favorite scarf around his head in the fashion of Captain Jack Sparrow? Then we’ve got great birthday party news for your little pirate! Perhaps you’ve caught wind of the pirate-tastic Dragonfire Pirate Camp run by Captains Jacq Ma’am and Jim Sir (known in the non-pirating world as husband-and-wife team Jackie and Jim Chobot) – where kids tear up their clothes to make rags, making sure to cut out all the pockets as proof that they don’t be hornswagglin’ no gold, craft daggers and rafts, explore the three-story lookout tower, celebrate with daily carnivals, dig in the Pirate Mine, and generally embrace the pirate’s life for them. Now your Birthday Kid can experience a mini-version with his or her best mates (ages five and older) as a private party. Included with the $550 price tag is admission for fifteen, invitations sent to your guest list, pizza, pirate punch, fresh fruit, cake, ice cream, booty bags, and all the magic of Dragonfire. This campsite books up faster than you can say “Jolly Roger,” so be sure to call quick for the adventure of a lifetime.

Birthday Parties at Dragonfire Pirate Camp
$550 for 15 children
Maury Island
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Correction from last week:
8 Limbs Yoga
Ahh, the downward dog. Sun salutation. Our bodies crave you. Even if we’re not as ambitious as a shoulder stand, we need the time to breathe. Now, we can have our yoga, and childcare, too! 8 Limbs Yoga offers on-site childcare ($5/child/class) during two of its popular Tuesday morning classes, Yin (relaxing and meditative, all levels) at 9:00, and Hatha Flow (beginning and intermediate) at 10:00. Don’t forget, 8 Limbs also offers prenatal and Mom & Baby classes.
8 Limbs Yoga
500 East Pike Street