Hush Hour

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121You remember those those first few months. You spent the wee hours propped up in a chair because Little One finally fell asleep on your shoulder and your were terrified to stop rocking. Was it acid reflux, colic, or just restless sleep? Who knows and who cares, you just needed some shut eye.

This time around, your dreams will be that much sweeter when meet your new secret weapon in the war on Parental Sleep Deprivation: the Hushamok Hammock.

The womb-like design of this cool-looking contraption cradles baby with rhythmic rocking in a cozy 400-count cotton cocoon. As a bonus, it is hypoallergenic, portable and comes in super-cool colors. Sweet dreams are made of this…

The Hushamok Hammock, $429
Available at tottini ,
259 Yale Ave, South Lake Union