It’s a Small World

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179In theory, the world is shrinking—we’re able to more easily travel and digitally connect across continents than ever before. It follows that our kids will be even more culturally savvy than we are. (Maybe they’ll master how to make good pho, the lucky devils.) A new, locally launched board game, Around the World, can help lay the foundation for their future global understanding. Recommended for ages eight and up, Around the World involves rolling dice to travel to different spaces on the board, which in turn prompt questions involving language, culture & customs, geography and people & places. (For example, on a geography space you might be asked ‘Which is the largest continent?” Answer: Asia.) Questions answered correctly earn tokens; the ultimate goal is to fill up one’s Global Scorecard. Stacy George, a Seattleite raised by bi-cultural parents in Ohio, founded the game. She has kiddie helpers around the world who send her ideas for new questions, so be on the lookout for supplemental card packs in the future. After all, though the world is getting smaller, it’s also changing faster than you can say ‘C.I.A. World Fact Book.’

Around the World Board Game available for $26.99.