From Jaguars to Otters: Cute Zoo Babies You Need to See

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Have you heard the news? There’s a baby boom at the Woodland Park Zoo! Our favorite local zoo has delivered (quite literally) some major cuteness in the last few months…otter pups, sloth bear cubs, a giraffe calf, a porcupette, komodo dragon babies…the list is seriously longer than we have room here to complete. What better thing to do with your babies then take them to see the zoo’s babies? Check out our slideshow for the details, but beware—you may get cavities from the high levels of sweetness!

Tallest Baby in Seattle

Who: No name yet What: Giraffe When: August 6, 2013 Where: African Savannah (currently in the giraffe barn and corral area with Mom Olivia) Best viewing time: Early afternoon This little (okay, not so little) guy’s birth was highly anticipated, and last month, he finally arrived. At a month old, he’s already grown a foot (he’s now 7 feet tall!), so hurry up and check him out. In a few months he will head out to the African Savannah exhibit, but for now he’s bonding with his Mama and giving us sneak peeks from his barn. Insider Tip: If you’d like to spend far too much time enjoying the cuteness up close from the comfort of your home, check out the awesome <a target="_blank" href="; target="_blank">Baby Giraffe Cam</a>. fuck
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Hours: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm through September 30
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Have you seen any of the zoo babies yet? Who you think is the cutest? Leave us a comment below!
-Erin Cranston
Photo credits: Giraffe, Otters, Crane, Bears: Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo; Porcupette: Kirsten Pisto/Woodland Park Zoo; Giraffe, Penguin, Jaguars, Kangaroo, Leopards: Ryan Hawk/Woodland Park Zoo; Lions, Komodo Dragon: Erin Cranston