Your Final Summer Dinner Date

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Well done, Summer of 2012! Well, done! You pulled through with some great weather, even busting up above the 90-degrees for a couple of days and giving us tons of weekend sunshine, you brought us fun new things to do in Seattle, like The Seattle Great Wheel and let us fill our summer with dozens of activities to keep our minds as far away from thoughts of s-c-h-o-o-l as possible. But, the clouds are starting to roll back in, the forecast is filled with occasional showers and what’s that we hear in the distance? Ah, the sound of school bells and annoyed parents trying to navigate the teensy-tiny school parking lot.

We suggest making these last moments of Summer 2012 last by enjoying dinner out with your kids to celebrate and reminisce about all the fun you’ve had the past couple of months – grab a table at one of these kid-friendly Seattle restaurants, pull out your iPhone with all of your summer pics and a blank piece of paper to scribble down the memories – they’ll help get you through the rainy, school-day driven months that are just around the corner.

Agua Verde Cafe
Mango-dillas for the kids (yes, that’s mango quesadillas!), margaritas and tacos for the parents, a spot to eat right out on the deck over-looking Lake Union – it’s the perfect place to countdown the last seconds of summer vacation. Remember that you order as you enter at Agua Verde, so it might be helpful to peek at the menu online before you go – there’s nothing worse than making a rushed order.

1303 Northeast Boat Street, Seattle, Wa 98105

All-Purpose Pizza
If your family prefers to wrap up summer vacation with pizza, All-Purpose Pizza comes highly suggested from even the smallest of pepperoni-lovers. Located in the Central District of Seattle, the Specialty Pies are kind of out of this world when it comes to toppings (try the Hula Hoop for mom and dad – prosciutto, pineapple and red wine tomato sauce… jalapenos optional) and for kids who are picky about their pie, there’s always a DIY option. Add the play area for the pre-school aged little ones and pizza dough for them to play with while they wait for dinner – the end of summer is starting to look pretty good here!

2901 South Jackson Street, Seattle, Wa 98144

Blue Moon Burgers
Three awesome locations + dozens of awesome (and gigantic!) burgers to choose from = End of summer perfection. Sit out on the patio at their Fremont location to catch the Fremont Bridge going up and down or along the open air side of the restaurant on Capitol Hill to soak up a bit more Vitamin-D before heading back into the classroom for fall. Don’t miss their specials of the month – which always includes a side of the month (deep fried corn, anyone?) and a milkshake of the month (currently Very Berry) and even a local beer of the month that will make you forget all of the back-to-school shopping that you have yet to get done.

Fremont: 703 North 34th Street, Seattle, Wa 98103
Capitol Hill: 523 Broadway East, Seattle, Wa 98102
South Lake Union: 920 Republican Street, Seattle, Wa 98109

Maggie Bluff’s
For families who spent most of their summer out on the water, it only seems right to finish up with dinner at one of the most picturesque places to dine – on Smith Cove at Maggie Bluff’s. There is no doubt that Maggie’s is kid-friendly, as you’ll quickly see – there are often more kids than adults in the restaurant and dining on the patio that overlooks the marina. And, every kid who eats a good dinner gets an old school-style ice cream sandwich! A couple of tips: The bathroom at Maggie’s is through a long, twisted hallway – take your kiddos before you even sit down to eat. Also, those ice cream sammies are messy – put some baby wipes in your purse to de-chocolate their face and fingers before getting in the car.

2601 West Marina Place, Seattle, Wa 98199

Red Mill Totem House
This is what happens when one of Seattle’s most beloved burger joints and one of its best fish n’ chips spots has a baby (Do restaurants even have babies?)…Red Mill Totem House. Families who loved Totem House in Ballard shed a few tears when it was purchased by Red Mill Burgers a few years ago, but we’re pleased to report that they’ve done the brand proud, serving both burgers and fish n’ chips. For your end of summer dinner, grab dinner to go from Red Mill Totem House and take it down the street to Golden Gardens. Don’t forget a blanket to sit on in the sand and of course, one of Red Mill’s yummy milkshakes – we love the peanut butter and the banana shakes.

3058 Northwest 54th Street, Seattle, Wa 98107
Closed Mondays

What’s your favorite way or favorite place to spend the last evenings of summer? Do you have any special back-to-school dinner traditions?

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via the Facebook pages of Maggie Bluff’s, Agua Verde, Blue Moon Burgers