Where to Get Fit While the Kids Sleep

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There comes a day in every kiddo’s life when they realize that mom and dad are actually trying to do something for themselves on those long, leisurely rides in the jogging stroller… and they’re not having it! When you’ve tried everything under the clouds (hello, we’re in Seattle after all) to keep your little ones entertained while you work out – from snacks to iPad games to bribery to begging – it’s time to look into ways to get fit when they won’t even notice…while they’re sleeping! Browse this list of places in Seattle where you can sneak out before the sun rises for a morning class (7:00 am and earlier) or where you can grab a session post-bedtime (7:00 pm and later). Get moving, Mama!

8 Limbs Yoga Studio
Classes: Play dates, blowout diapers and 3rd grade homework making you in need of some serious Zen-rejuvenation? We thought so. You’re sure to find your center again with some morning sessions at one of the 8 Limbs Yoga studios – you can sneak out of the house while you’re little ones are still in dreamland and hopefully will return home feeling fresh and ready to take on the day…and the breakfast dishes. 8 Limbs also has fantastic family yoga and kids yoga programs, as well as specific sessions with childcare available for your kiddos (and for just $5 per kid!).

Times: Classes begin at 6:30 am, Monday through Thursday. Please visit the 8 Limbs website for the most current class schedules.

Locations: Four locations in Seattle including Capitol Hill (500 East Pike Street), Phinney Ridge (6801 Greenwood Avenue North), Wedgewood (7345 35th Avenue Northeast) and West Seattle (4546-1/2 California Avenue Southwest)

Contact: Visit the 8 Limbs Yoga website for detailed information on classes, to register and for direct phone numbers to individual studios.

Anytime Fitness
Classes: For parents who prefer to spend some quality kid-free workout time with the treadmill, elliptical machine or free weights, Anytime Fitness is a dream come true, because guess what? You can work out anytime. Bet you couldn’t have figured that out yourself, right? Their location in Fremont isn’t a mega-gym, but there is always enough equipment available for you to grab your favorite torture device, um, machine, and get sweating either before your kids get up in the morning or after they go to bed.

Times: Seven days a week, 24-hours a day. And, it’s super secure, so you don’t need to worry about heading back and forth to your car when it’s dark out or having random people wandering in and out of the facility.

Location: Near the Fremont Bridge at 837 North 34th Street

Contact: Visit the Anytime Fitness website or call to chat with someone about details and membership at 206-545-4348.

The Bar Method Seattle-Eastside
Classes: Your daughter may have dreams of being a ballerina (as evidenced by the tutu that she wears 24/7), so you might want to keep it to yourself that you’re taking classes that involve a real life ballet barre. But, tutus not required at Bar Method Seattle-Eastside classes. Bar Method classes are a combo of ballet-esque strength training, yoga and Pilates, using super low-impact movements to finally kick that last 10-pounds of baby weight that you’ve been carrying around…for the past three years. They even have special packages for new moms!

Times: Early morning classes begin at 6:00 am, Monday through Friday, with a 7:15 am class available on the weekends (Saturday in Seattle and Sunday in Redmond). Evening classes begin at 6:30 pm in Seattle for mamas who are lucky enough to have little ones who pass out early!

Location: Seattle Studio in South Lake Union (124 Westlake Avenue North) where you can pop over to Whole Foods afterwards and grab some breakfast for your kiddos and in Redmond at Redmond Town Center (7551 166th Avenue Northeast)

Contact: Visit the Bar Method Seattle-Eastside website for detailed schedule information and to book classes.

Pro Fit Personal Training
Classes: Offering sessions that start earlier than early and that can run late enough to let you read bedtime stories and scare away any closet monsters before leaving the house, Pro Fit Personal Training has a studio in the popular and easy to get to Westlake/South Lake Union area and they’re happy to work with you to create a custom schedule that works around wakeups and bedtimes in your household! Group and individual sessions are available, including all-girl boot camps that begin as early as 5:00 am. Personal training sessions are also a good solution for parents who have injuries or special health concerns to consider when working out or who want to cram as much sweating as possible into the little amount of time away from their kids as they can.

Times: Sessions can begin as early at 5:00 am and generally end around 8:00 pm, but can run until 9:00 pm, with prior arrangements.

Location: In Seattle at 915 Eighth Avenue North

Contact: Visit the Pro Fit website for details or give them a call at 206-284-5555.

Running Evolution
Classes: So, do you want to hear the good news first? Or the good news first? Oh wait, double good news? Yup. That’s what we said. Running Evolution is run (pun intended) by can’t-stop-moving mom, Beth, and her crew, who are equally as awesome, they offer sessions that cover it all – from Couch to 5K, to boot camps, to running clubs, and more. So that’s the first piece of good news – that you’re going to find a class that gets you into shape – and the second piece is that you’re going to have fun doing it. Beth has a laugh that’s contagious and she encourages talking while you work out and run, so you’re likely to come out of class with a new BFF or two with your hot new running legs!

Times: Classes begin as early as 6:30 am and as late as 7:30 pm, depending on the session.

Location: Most sessions meet at Green Lake (rain or shine!), with classes also available in Bellevue

Contact: View the details on the Running Evolution website and be sure to put the Running Evolution Facebook page on your “like” list, where Coach Beth keeps you entertained with running tips and the beloved (and hilarious!) Ask the Coach Days.

If you have a kiddo who hasn’t realized that you’re going on a run yet, check out these popular jogging-stroller-friendly routes in Seattle and on the Eastside.

How do you sneak in a little exercise? Do you opt to work out at night or early in the morning or is your idea of working out not eating that third cookie? Let us know below! 

— Katie Kavulla

Photos via the 8 Limbs Yoga Facebook page, the Anytime Fitness- Fremont Facebook page, the Bar Method Seattle-Eastside Facebook page, the Pro Fit Personal Training Facebook page, and the Running Evolution Facebook page