Low Tech, High Fun

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187_2You know you wrote down the name of that anime DVD your friend recommended, but where in the Sam Hill did you jot it? If only you had used a handy “Movies to See…” notepad from Snookus.com. Not just movie-related, the Snookus line, founded by Paulette Peitersen Denman (a.k.a. Snookus, a nickname invented by her pops), encompasses cute notecards, notepads and signs. Denman is a Seattleite who studied graphic design at Cornish College for the Arts. All of her U.S.-made products are flirty and fun, though, in our humble opinion, the best offerings are the well-designed notepads, especially for those who don’t have time to fiddle with the latest Palm device. Each notepad has a clever quote at the bottom, such as the one from Jerome K. Jerome (“I like work; it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.Ô” that spices up the “Honey, Please…” task list notepad. Some notepad options that also might make life easier: the “Let’s Go” packing list (where you can tick off the items you’ll need for you or the kids, like sunscreen, cell phone chargers and clothing) and the “Sitter’s Cheat Sheet.” All you need to do is procure the appropriate notepad and jot till you drop.