Meet the Parents (Online)

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124Wish there was an easier way to keep tabs on your far-flung family members and let them know what little Harlow or Moses has been up to? You’ve been thinking about jump on the blogging bandwagon but really, who has time to read the WordPress tutorial between diaper changes? That’s why we love the simplicity of Seattle-based Now in its second generation, myfamily is the free-subscription website that connects family and friends through photos, videos, news pages, and calendars. It’s a photo-sharing, message writing, and organizational site all in one. And it’s got one too-much-fun feature that we’ve never seen anywhere else: voice narration! Through the site’s toll free phone number, you can record yourself talking about the pictures you upload, and your family and friends can listen as they drool over how much fun you’re having on that family vacation (trip to the zoo, first day of school, birthday party). It’s as simple as choosing a name for your site, uploading some photos, writing a few newsy bits and inviting family members and friends to join. Only the people you invite can see your content, and they get to post their own photos and messages for you to enjoy, too. Keeping in touch —and involved in each others’ lives, even across distances —has truly never been easier.