Must-Try Washington Rosé Wines

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Rosé has been undergoing a metamorphosis in Washington, from afterthought to intention. The old way of thinking went something like this: “Hey, we’re bleeding a bunch of juice out of these fermenters to make our big red wines. Instead of sending that juice down the drain, why don’t we ferment it, bottle it and sell it? Instant cash flow!” The results: sometimes sugary, often boozy, always forgettable. No more.


Today’s rosé is a more grown-up, deliberate drink, and consumers are taking notice. As a result, securing the best versions requires a bit of advance planning. Several of the finest pinks are mayflies, blinking out of existence almost immediately after entering the world, selling out well before Labor Day. Part of the poignancy of rosés is their ephemeral nature. They’re here, they’re lovely, and then—all too quickly—they’re gone.

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photo credit: Andrea Coan