Paper Knack Righter

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We heart two new paper art products — Big Day Chains and A Day in a Child’s Shoes — both of which are clever-and-classy gift ideas that just may inspire you to create your own version at home. And if you’re the kind who will never get around to the ‘creating at home’ part, well, you’ll appreciate them even more.

Think back to the big loopy construction paper chains you made in grade school and you’ve got the concept for Big Day Chains, created by Maple Leaf graphic designer Kristin Adams Litke. These ingenious kits contain everything needed to make a festive 30-day countdown chain in anticipation of a Big Day. So far, there are three kits ($14.95 each): Days ’til Baby, Days ’til Wedding, and Days ’til Birthday. Kids will enjoy the kits because it’s easy to connect the high quality, whimsically-illustrated paper links with glue dots. (The birthday kit has one side where kids can color outlined birthday shapes.) As each day comes, you add another link and make the wait for a big occasion even more fun.81_1

The Seattle-based company Good Stock Press & Bindery is all about taking that shoe box of photos you have lying around the house and turning the contents into a fabulous keepsake heirloom book. There are accordion-style books and coffee table styles, but the one we love is Good Stock’s A Day in a Child’s Shoes. Send Good Stock creator Kim Screen some pictures of your child going about their day – from waking up in the morning, to eating breakfast, playing, and so on. Good Stock turns the pictures into an adorable 7 x 7, custom-designed board book of 15-25 photos. (Cost is $375; Allow six weeks for delivery) The cover for the book? A photo of your child’s fave pair of shoes.81_2

Big Day Chains

Good Stock Press & Bindery